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Entertainment for adults

Presented by sports and creative activities, as well as evening entertainment programs.

Programs for children

Created taking into account their daily desire to discover new and interesting things.

Animation for teens

Teens, who are often taller than animators, need a separate program for their interests.

Baby Club (up to 4 years)

Moms and babies are inseparable. Now they have the opportunity to look after the baby while having fun.


Entertainment for adults

Sport activity is a great opportunity for guests to relax and have fun with benefits for health and body. In such programs animators pay much attention to its entertainment side.

Morning gym | Yoga | Petanque | Volleyball | Water polo | Aerobics | Pilates | Zumba | Archery | Latin and Oriental dances | Aqua aerobics

Innovative ideas and trends are embodied in our program.

  • Themed runs and collective Workouts — group classes in the air;
  • Face building – facial gymnastics;
  • Tabata — highly effective training in a special temporary system of Japanese professor Tabata;
  • Stretching — classes, aimed mainly at stretching the muscles, the development of flexibility and elasticity;
  • Aquazumba – mix of aqua aerobics and Zumba;
  • Zumba strong – everyone’s favorite Zumba with the addition of strength training;
  • Water volleyball and other water sports;
  • Hotel dances are the exclusive dances of the Choco Family Club. These dances are invented and staged in 2018;
  • Tournament of the day — entertainment program using props, held in a championship format.
  • Workshops (arts and crafts, culinary)

  • Life hacking time (crafts, interesting solutions to everyday issues)

  • Intellect Club - solving puzzles and tasks, board games

  • Themed Brunches

  • Quests (daytime and nightly)

  • Night players Club (mafia, Equivokes game, Alias, Crocodile game, etc.).

The event, based on team games and adventures, psychological-game training. The main goal of all team building activities is to get a nice, bright impressions from holidays.

The animator gives teams interesting tasks, and guests are invited to solve them in unexpected ways.

We use this very useful program element for different purposes. First of all — to invite guests to activities, tell them about upcoming events, as well as chat with guests. We offer themed entrances. Animators play a certain situation, involving guests in this process. We use costumes and bright props.

Evening entertainment programs are represented by events of various formats:

  • Competitive — interactive. Developing such programs, we use trend concepts (formats of popular TV shows and interesting video blogs). Such concepts are well-known and loved by the guests. We know for sure that each of them would like to become not a spectator but a participant in such a show. Therefore, we provide this opportunity for our holidaymakers.
  • Show programs — dance shows, musicals, comedy miniatures.
  • Projector-Show — Animators on stage interacts with synchronized audiovisual projections on the screen. Exciting plot and unusual format, animation on the stage and on the screen — guests will remember this idea for a long time!
  • Beach parties — themed parties on the beach, interactive programs, contests.

Kids animators work during the evening entertainment programs, which allows parents to relax and enjoy the spectacle!

WOW effect for your guests!

We innovate


Programs for children

Our task is to motivate and captivate children as much as possible, thereby “unloading” the attention of parents. We give the opportunity to relax for everyone.

  • Gymnastics

  • Children's fitness, themed jogging

  • Sports relay race (using props)

  • Games (tournaments, ball games, petanque, darts, skitlles, towns, etc.)

  • "Frog" - a block of games and competitions in the pool

Our format is an interactive show program.

  • Original scenarios, with an interesting and understandable plot, games, competitions;
  • The main characters are popular and favorite characters. We have a huge costume base, including more than 50 mascots;
  • Children are participants in each program, most programs provide costume elements for each child;
  • Dancing is an integral part of each program. We created exclusive dances from the Choco Family Club.
  • Mad kitchen

  • Mysterious Asia

  • Ghostbusters

  • Pirates

  • Robot party

  • School of Magic

  • Foam Party

  • Secret lab

  • The best

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Call of the Jungle

  • Around the world

  • Lego builders

  • Puzzle

  • Penguins surfers

  • Trolls Adventure

  • My little pony

  • Pajamas party

  • Colored sand

  • Carving

  • Robot lab

  • Multicolored bottles

  • Foam monsters

  • Paper curls

  • Magic mosaic

  • Tape boom

  • Perfumery workshop

  • Buttons

  • Color pot design

  • Origami

  • Plasticine non-stop

  • Culinary workshops

  • Film studio

  • Designing

  • Face painting

  • Smart Club — solving puzzles and riddles;
  • Club of discoveries and adventures — learning the basics of professions, sciences, environmental education, foreign language lessons, basics of etiquette, training for healthy lifestyles and nutrition.
  • Quests — the execution of tasks, united by one goal.
  • Board games







Teams (Summer 2019)


Entertainment for teens

  • Team building - event based on team games and adventures, psychological and game training. The goal of team building is to encourage a group of people to work together to achieve a common goal. Team building helps teens to quickly get to know each other and find new friends.

  • Sport games

  • Quests - the execution of tasks, united by one goal.

  • Intellect Club - business games, problem solving and puzzles.

  • Parties - thematic interactive program with dances and competitions. Teens can also take part in evening entertainment with adults.

  • Board games

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BABY Club ``TOGETHER WITH MOM`` (for children under 4 years old and their parents)

Moms and babies are inseparable. Often mothers do not have the opportunity to attend group activities for adults (zumba, yoga, workshops, etc.), as they are afraid to leave the child with someone. Therefore, especially for this category of guests, we created the Baby Club “Together with Mom”, everybody will find an exciting activity.

  • Creative workshops. As an example “Drawing with finger paints” - children together with their parents create a picture.

  • Thematic brunch - meeting talks on a given topic, where moms can share their experiences and life hacking.

  • Fitness "Mom + baby." Doing exercises where the mother’s task is to do the exercises with the baby in her arms, the task of the baby is to be a kind of simulator

  • Fairy tale therapy. Puppet theater, shadow theater, reading fascinating books.

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