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Animation Teams for Hotels

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If you need a modern entertainment program that matches

global quality, you will be pleased with the result of our work.

Welcome to Choco Holidays!


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Dear friends,

We are Choco Holidays Team. We are united by a common goal — to create amazing moments in the life of everyone!

We give the opportunity to talented animators to progress and make a career in entertainment. We bring together people who are able to create and implement innovations.

Working with hotels around the world, we expand our horizons and set the mood, improving the quality of animation service!

Yaroslav Goshkov & Julia Goshkova

Founders of Choco Holidays

What are we doing?

We provide animation teams for hotels


Sport activity is a great opportunity for guests to relax and have fun with benefits for health and body.

We know that each guest at the hotel is a unique personality, so our program presents many different types of fitness, sports and training techniques. Each guest can prove himself or become part of the team… Some people love to show their sports skills, while others always want to learn new things. And someone just wants to be a spectator, being in a pleasant atmosphere of communication. Holidaymakers will find something interesting for themselves in any case.


This block is created with regard to their daily desire to learn and discover something new and interesting. “Development through entertainment” — a program for little adventurers.

Our task is to motivate children and captivate their attention as much as possible with our program, thereby “unloading” the parents. Thus, we give everyone the opportunity to relax.


When we create evening programs, we use trend concepts (popular TV shows, interesting video blogs) as well as completely new ideas.

Trend concepts are well-known and loved by the guests. We know for sure that each of them would like to become not a spectator, but a participant in such a show. Therefore, we provide our holidaymakers with this opportunity.

New ideas are born in our head office every hour. Creative content is our specialty, our pride. However, it is also very important for us to release a 100% clear and universal program to everyone. Therefore, we carefully prepare and develop each of our amazing ideas.

WOW effect for your guests!

We innovate



Detox time

Detox time

Aqua cycling

Aqua cycling

Sport activity


Sport activity
SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

Sport activity
Projector Show

Projector Show

Our mascot

Our mascot

Mobile app

Mobile app


Look at all our projects!

We collected a portfolio from 114 hotels in Greece, China, Cyprus, Russia, and other countries.

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The video will say better than any words

What our partners say

Reviews and Thanksgiving letters

The management of Mouzenidis Travel expresses its gratitude for the organization of the animation work in our hotels in the territory of Greece. I would like to separately note the high responsibility, initiative, attention and responsiveness towards tourists.
Eleni Dimididou

— Eleni Dimididou

Head of Reservation at Mouzenidis Travel S.A.

Thanks to Choco Holidays and personally to Julia Goshkova for the excellent work of animators, for the bright and unforgettable impressions given to our guests.
Mosiychuk Helena

— Mosiychuk Helena

Manager at Heliopark Rosa Khutor

Wanted to express gratitude from our hotel to your guys who for a half a year surrounded us, and amused our guests. We are waiting for the next season the same positive and bright guys.

— Vasilis Kokkinos

Manager at Krini Beach Hotel

Thanks for Choco Holidays for an extraordinary approach to the entertainment activities in our hotel.
Bogdanov D.V.

— Bogdanov D.V.

Manager at ``Knowledge`` Hotel


Frequently asked questions

Question - answer

How do you recruit animators?

Search — Castings — Interviews — Campus — Training.

We use a variety of search tools, ranging from standard to completely non-template. We make castings around the world.

In order to get into our team, the applicant must undergo testing and an interview with our HR department. In the process of the interview, we reveal the ability, desire and relevance of the applicant to our team. We are constantly refining the selection tools to select the best animators for you.

If the candidate has successfully passed the selection, then he gets into our team. Regardless of experience, he runs our annual campus.

How many animators do we need for our hotel?

We recommend taking 1 animator for 100 guests. The animator can pay attention to each guest with this proportion. This is not a required minimum. The bigger team is louder and more visible. In addition, if you want to cover as many sites as possible and organize bright evening programs — you need a big team.

Our guests speak different languages. Is this a problem for you?

Do not worry! We work all over the world and in our database more than 3000 applicants from different countries and with knowledge of different languages.

What is the work schedule for animators?

6 working days per week & 7 hours per day. We recommend providing a common day-off for a team of less than 5 people in order to maintain the saturation of animation programs. Approximate working day schedule:

9:30-10:00 Preparing for work / Planning

10:00-13:00 Morning program

13:00-15:00 Rest / Lunch / Rehearsals / Preparation for program

15:00-17:00 Day program

17:00-20:00Rest / Dinner / Rehearsals / Preparation for program

20:00-22:00 Evening program

How can we make sure of the quality of your services?

You can watch our video portfolio, reviews about work. If after this you will have doubts, we will tell you where our team works not far from you!

What is your difference from other companies?

We provide a comprehensive service, supervising the work throughout the project.

We set the mood! We introduce innovations in searching, training, supervising, creating new programs. We develop this service.

Is it possible to get acquainted with the team in advance?

Of course. At the approval, we send you a CV of each animator. If you think that the proposed candidate does not suit you, we will send a new CV and so on until final agreement. We organize an online conference where you can personally meet with each animator.

What should provide the hotel?

Animator is a creative profession. It is important for us that our employees do not think about everyday problems, but give themselves up to work and are always in a good mood, because they interact with guests.

  • Accommodation not more than three people in a room (dry and clean room with a window)
  • W/C and A/C in the room
  • Laundry (for costumes and uniforms)
  • Full board at the main restaurant

We understand that the equipment and capabilities of hotels are different, so we are ready to consider alternative options.

How to start a collaboration?

Call us or send an request by email

  • Tell us your wishes — we will prepare a creative proposal
  • Together we agree on the conditions
  • We will select a team for you
  • We will create an entertainment program for your hotel.
  • Animation team arrives at the hotel 3-10 days before
    the start

At 10:00 on the appointed day the team in full force opens the program.

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